Privacy and Confidentiality Policy


It is the right of all individuals to expect privacy regarding their personal or sensitive information or data.  All information will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Privacy Act 2000 and the privacy principles therein.  

Whilst collection of personal details of individuals at the Centre is required as part of our mandated regulatory processes and our day to day operations, all such information shall be secured within the administration area of the centre.  Disclosure of any private and confidential information shall only be undertaken with duly authorised personnel as appropriate, and professional entities as per the centre’s legal requirements and with the express authority of the individual/individuals concerned.

Strategies and Procedures


  • No unauthorised details of the personal or home lives of any parent, child, or staff member shall be discussed either within or outside the Centre by any member of EHJ staff or relief staff.
  • All parents, children and staff records containing personal information will be filed in a lockable cupboard and kept in a secure position. This includes:
    • Enrolment forms
    • Registration forms and Agreements
    • Application forms
    • Police checks
    • File notes
    • Telephone messages and books
    • Letters to Care Providers or parents of children – incoming and outgoing mail
    • Staff diaries
  • Any breach of confidentiality may result in disciplinary procedure, dismissal or termination of services.
  • Records, documentation and information will be maintained and stored in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000.
  • When the administrative office is unattended, all files relating to Staff, families and children in care will be filed and locked.
  • No information should be given to any outside Agencies and Government Departments (i.e. Police Department, Child Protection, etc) without referral and permission from the Case Manager from the Department of Human Services or Director. Any such information should be limited to a minimum number of staff and representatives as possible. Written information from any private discussion is noted, dated and placed in the child’s file.
  • Centre may collect, use and disclose personal information for purposes limited to those which are related to the provision of child care services. Such purposes include the following:-
    • To meet legislative, regulatory and licensing requirements
    • To process, track and maintain child enrolment and re-enrolments
    • To process fees, subsidy and receipts for financial purposes
    • To record, process and collect outstanding enrolment fees
    • To assess and implement centre policies, practices and programs
    • To maintain up to date records
    • To communicate with parents/guardians and staff
    • To meet and respond to daily care needs
    • To respond to emergencies, including communication with emergency contacts, hospitals and/or medical practitioners
    • To provide financial institutions with necessary information to process payments
    • To complete staff application forms and undertake security checks
    • To process staff wages and complete taxation obligations
    • To undertake staff review procedures
  • Individuals may only access information held on their behalf.


  • Will abide by privacy and confidentiality policies of  Essex Heights Juniors
  • Must agree, before registering, to maintain confidentiality in relation to children in care and their families.
  • Will provide all information as required on employment application forms
  • Will keep management up to date with any changes in details
  • Will keep management aware of any changes to child/family details they may be informed of, or become aware of.
  • Will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse or loss and from unauthorised access or disclosure.
  • Will under no circumstance, provide information to any outside Agencies and Government Departments without consent of management.
  • Will not discuss unauthorised details of the personal or home lives of any parent, child, or staff member either within or outside the Centre.
  • Students with valid training requirements involving gathering of information pertaining to children or families shall only do so with written consent from applicable families and the Director of the centre.
  • All privacy related comments, feedback or complaints should be directed to one of the Centre’s Directors who will follow up within 14 business days.


  • Will receive a full outline of the EHJ privacy policies during the orientation process.
  • Will provide relevant enrolment details and keep the centre notified of any changes to these details.
  • Are welcome to view their family’s or their child/children’s information upon request to management
  • Will advise the Director should they not wish their child’s names to appear on any visible documentation within the Centre ( please refer to enrolment form)
  • Will provide sensitive information in a confidential manner
  • All privacy related comments, feedback or complaints should be directed to one of the Centre’s Directors who will follow up in writing within 14 business days.

Policy Updated: November 2015

Information Privacy Act 2000
Health Records Act 2001

Accessed: 13/11/2015

Review Date: November  2016

National Quality Standards 2012

QA4 4.2.1 Professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.
4.2.3 Interactions convey mutual respect, equity and recognition of each other’s strengths and skills


QA5 5.2.3 The dignity and the rights of every child are maintained at all times


QA6 6.1 Respectful supportive relationships are developed and maintained


QA7 7.1.1 Appropriate governance arrangements are in place to manage the service

National Regulations 2012

Reg 181- Confidentiality of records kept by approved provider
183- Storage of records and other documents

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