At Essex Heights Juniors, we understand the significance of nutrition and how it influences a child’s growth, activity, intellectual and emotional development. We, therefore, acknowledge the importance of encouraging healthy eating habits from an early age and provide a nutritionally balanced menu to be offered in a supportive eating environment.

The meal plan we present, is based on 50% of each child’s recommended dietary intake with the other 50% to be offered at home. The meals provided are carefully planned, in consultation between the Cook, Director, parents/families, children, staff, dieticians and information provided by the Australian Dietary Guidelines. All families are welcome to make suggestions or recommendations at any time. 

We offer a six week rotating menu program in which children's daily food requirements, together with any of the children's allergies and likes have all been taken into consideration as well as following recommendations from the Start Right, Eat Right Program which our centre has been accredited with.

Due to many children’s allergies, we do not allow any food from home to enter the centre, in order to protect the children we care and educate. Any child with any allergies or Anaphylaxis, needs to present a “Management Plan” upon enrolment to ensure appropriate meals are organised and good communication exists between the families and the centre staff.

Our Centre Cook, who will always meet or exceed minimum food handlers training qualifications, oversees all staff, regarding hygiene and safe food practices within the centre and follows all government and council protocol and guidelines.

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Summer Menu 

Winter Menu